Learn to Row

The goal of Learn To Row (LTR) is to learn rowing safety and etiquette, achieve basic rowing skills and technique, and get a glimpse of the excitement and fun the sport of rowing offers. RRC offers group instruction for LTR through our LTR Membership for adults 18 years or older who have little or no rowing experience. LTR Membership includes 2 consecutive weekends, 2 hours each day on Saturday and Sunday, for a total of 8 hours of instruction.

How fit do I need to be to take Learn To Row?

LTR focuses on technique rather than conditioning, so anyone with a moderate level of fitness will be able to enjoy a rowing class.

Rowing requires strength, flexibility and coordination. LTR participants should expect to be challenged both physically and mentally. Access to a rowing machine (erg) at home or at a health club will help you through this learning curve.

There are five firm requirements to participate in LTR:
1. You must be able to participate actively. You should not enroll if you're recovering from an injury or are not at least moderately fit.
2. You must be able to lift 40 lbs. above your head and carry it uphill for 75 yards.
3. You should be able to stand up from a full squat. Getting into and out of a shell demands this strength.
4. You must be able to tread water for at least five minutes and swim 100 yards.
5. You must be committed and attend all LTR instruction at the specified times and dates.

If you are already very fit, rowing is a superb full-body workout, but the rowing lessons themselves won't be. If you have specific questions, please contact us.

Where does Learn To Row take place?

LTR meets at Lake Wheeler Park, 6404 Lake Wheeler Road, Raleigh. Drive all the way to the waterfront building. Park in the lot to the LEFT of the road. We meet by the rowing shells to the RIGHT of the road within the fenced enclosure.

How do I register for Learn To Row instruction?

Registration for 2019 is closed. We will offer classes again in 2020, beginning in March. The cost is $250.00 and includes 2 consecutive weekends, 2 hours each day, for a total of 8 hours of instruction. Equipment use is included in this cost.

What do I need to do before attending Learn To Row instruction?

You will receive an email from the LTR coach a week or two prior to your first LTR session that verifies the date and time of the LTR sessions, directions to RRC, a brief outline of what will be covered during LTR and a training manual to review. In the meantime, please review the US Rowing Safety Video below.

What happens after Learn To Row ends?

1. LTR+15
Following the successful completion of LTR, you will know the fundamentals of rowing (the stroke, commands, safety and equipment) and will be encouraged to participate in a 15-day trial -- LTR+15. This 15-day period begins immediately after completion of LTR and will allow you to continue developing your skills in a coached situation with experienced rowers. The cost for participating in LTR+15 is included with LTR Membership.

To sign up for a LTR+15 row, check the online calendar for rows labeled 'LTR+15' during the specified time frame and sign up only for these rows. Because all LTR+15 rows must have an experienced rower in the boat, please do not add an LTR+15 row to the calendar; only experienced rowers who agree to coach an LTR+15 row may add an LTR+15 row to the online calendar.

Because we rely on experienced rowers to volunteer their time for LTR+15 rows, there is no implied or expressed guarantee of available seats or the number of times you will be able to row during this 15-day period. Because there may be a limited number of LTR+15 rows, please be courteous when signing up for LTR+15 rows and remember that there are at most 9 (or 12, depending on the session) people in each LTR session, so LTR+15 rows must be shared among all 9 (or 12) rowers.

2. Novice Membership
If you have successfully completed LTR and LTR+15, based on evaluations given by the LTR instructors and LTR+15 volunteers, and are interested in joining Raleigh Rowing Center for the remainder of the year, you will be invited to join the club as a novice member. Further instruction is necessary for you to become a proficient rower, so novice members continue to attend subsequent novice rowing sessions as seats are available, until coaches determine it is safe to row unattended or to join more experienced members.

If you decide to become a novice member and you are not a student, you must register as a novice member. The cost of Novice Membership is $275 and is valid until December 31 of the year that Novice Membership was purchased.

If you decide to become a novice member and you are a student, you must register as a student member. The cost of Student Membership is $250 and is valid until December 31 of the year that Student Membership was purchased.

Should you decide to become a novice member, please note that the above information means that you will pay $250+$275=$525 in your first year with RRC if you are not a student and $250+$250=$500 if you are a full-time student.

Novice Membership must be purchased within 4 weeks of completing LTR+15.

Membership After Your First Year With RRC

If you choose to continue to row with RRC in the year following your participation as an LTR and novice member, you will be considered a general member and will be required to purchase a General Membership if you do not have a boat that you would like to store at the lake, a General Membership with Boat Storage if you have a boat that you would like to store at the lake, or a Student Membership if you are a full-time student.