Lake Wheeler Speed Order 

October 29, 2022

Hosted by Triangle Rowing Club and Raleigh Rowing Center

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not an official regatta, but rather a for-fun scrimmage. Safety launches will be on the water, but it is the responsibility of the crews to know the course and be respectful to other crews. If a penalty occurs on the water, it is up to the crews to come to a resolution. Volunteers are not assessing time penalties, only ensuring a safe and fun event.

Location and Time

Lake Wheeler Park – 6404 Lake Wheeler Dr, Raleigh, NC 27603

Gates Open 6:50am

Launching begins 8am – Please allow time for rigging

Coach and Coxswain Information

  • Please bring and use bow numbers to differentiate boats of the same class and mark in the Google Sheet. I.E. if there are 4 women’s quads from your club, mark them as bow# 1-4. If only one mens quad, no need for bow number.
  • IMPORTANT: The lake is open to the public. Be aware of fisherman sitting still, kayakers, SUP boarders, as well as potential large wake from pleasure boaters after 11am.
  • See course map below. Warm-up can be cut short by turning early, but DO NOT cut in front of racing crews in the previous wave.
  • Course is 5000m and handicaps will be given to masters crews.
  • Row through the finish until you hear a horn!!! …then paddle directly to the docks. Cool-downs will need to take place on land.
  • The birdpost is a wooden pole sticking out of the water, and is also a tight turn. Passing here is only allowed if you can do so safely. Also, do NOT check it down to make the turn unless no boats are remotely close behind.
  • If being overtaken – I.E. the following boat is within one boat length of open water – immediately yield
    and move towards the shore. The inside/buoy line is the faster lane and should be yielded to faster
    boats ONLY when safe to do so. Do not expect boats to yield during turn at birdpost.

Course Map

Pass all orange/red buoys on PORT side. Pass green buoys on STARBOARD. Row around the wooden “birdpost” at the top of the lake. 

NOTE: Warm-up pattern turns early, around the middle buoys as shown. This is also the Middle School race course.

Start Area

Athlete and Spectator Parking

When driving to the lake, turn right into large field (across from picnic shelter). There will NOT be a parking attendant – please park in a row starting at the back of the lot. Ensure that you do not block anyone from leaving!

Trailer Parking

The park is open to the public – please do not block other trucks/trailers from making a full loop around the parking lot. Rigging can be done next to your trailers, just not in the main road.

Car Toppers:  Use the upper parking spaces as shown below and rig just beside vehicle.